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    Vung Tau, Vietnam has long become an easy getaway for people from the noisy and populous city of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In the past, Vung Tau was a favorite beach destination for the rich and famous in Ho Chi Minh City. There are many tourist attractions in Vung Tau, including several beaches and abundance of pagodas and temples, many leaning against the mountains and face the oceans. Vung Tau, Vietnam faces the ocean on three sides. So, not surprisingly why Vung Tau is windy all year round with a very pleasant average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius which makes it a popular destination for sightseeing in Vietnam. The three beaches in Vung Tau, Vietnam are Bai Sau or the Rear Beach, Bai Dua or the Pineapple Beach, and Bai Truoc or Front beach. Along with being one of the Vietnam popular beach vocations, Vung Tau is also a centre of services for the exploitation of gas and oil with oil rigs just 70 kilometers off shore. Beside Vung Tau, Vietnam also has a significant fishing industry.

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